Rondout Valley Safety Drill Overview

Rondout Valley Safety Drill Overview
Posted on 11/07/2017
safety signYesterday the District conducted an unannounced safety drill at the District Office, High School, Intermediate School and Junior High School.  You may not know but districts are required by state regulation to conduct several unannounced safety drills in each building during the school year.  

For this drill we included the presence of an actor who served as an “intruder” to our building.  The School Resource Officers maintained a line of site with the actor at all times. The drill began at about 10am and was overseen by our school resources officers and board of education safety liaison in order to assess the ability of our staff to recognize someone who did not belong in our school.  Within a few minutes of the actor’s entry to the building several staff confronted the individual and reported the event to the main office. 

Shortly thereafter, an email was sent to all Intermediate and Junior High School Staff by one of our School Resource Officers to explain the drill and applauded all involved for the effective handling of the situation.  For the remainder of the day our School Resource Officers visited various Intermediate and Junior High Schools classrooms to discuss the drill and answer questions from students and staff.

These types of drills are critically important for us to practice our safety protocols to keep our students and staff safe. We will review and assess the entire drill for strategies to improve on the process. 


Rosario Agostaro
Superintendent of Schools