2018-2019 Supply List

2018-2019 Supply List
Posted on 08/28/2018
photo of school supplies

Rondout Valley Junior High School
2018-2019 Supply List 

The teachers have put together this list of supplies for all incoming 7th & 8th grade students.  Supplies that will be needed in all classes throughout the school year: Filler paper (several packages to refill during the year), Pencils (several boxes for the year), Pens, Color Pencils, Highlighters, Pencil case and Subject dividers.  Some of the supplies have changed with all students having an iPad. 

Student Supply List by subject:

Core subjects (Science, Math, Social Studies and English)
May need a binder to hold additional work sheets or hand-outs
Math: scientific calculator TI 30 XIIS (not required but helpful)

Health: 7th Grade only 
3-ring binder (small)

Home & Careers:
3-ring binder (small)

Foreign Language:
3-ring binder (small)
Composition Notebook (Journal)

2-pocket folder (any color)

1 extra box of pencils to leave in class

3-ring binder (small)
Chorus: 1 two-pocket folder (any color)

***Remember that this list is just a suggestion in an effort to help students with organizations***