2017-2018 Supply List

2017-2018 Supply List
Posted on 07/17/2017
suppliesRondout Valley Junior High School
2017-2018 Supply List 

The teachers have put together this list of supplies for all incoming 7th & 8th grade students. In an effort to help students with organization each department has chosen a color. Please remember that the lockers are only about 12” wide and when a class is requesting a “3-Ring binder” it should only be about 1/2” to 3/4” binder. Supplies that will be needed in all classes throughout the school year: Filler paper (several packages to refill during the year), Pencils (several boxes for the year), Pens, Color Pencils, Pencil case and Subject dividers.

Student Supply List by subject:

Science: (Green)
-Green 3-ring binder 
-Green 2 pocket folder (8th Mrs. Rice’s class only)

Math: (Blue)
-Blue 3-ring binder 
-Scientific Calculator (TI-30X11S) Optional but helpful.
-Algebra 1 – Graphing Calculator (TI-84plus Optional but helpful)

Social Studies: (Black)
-Black 3-ring 

English: (Red)
-Red 3-ring binder
-Red 2-pocket folder
-Independent reading novel of your choice

Health: 7th Grade only (Yellow)
-Yellow 3-ring binder 

Home & Careers: (Purple)
-Purple 3-ring binder 

Foreign Language: (White)
-White 3-ring binder
-Composition Notebook

Technology: (Any Color)
-2-pocket folder

Art: (Any Color)
-1 extra box of pencils to leave in class

Music: (Any Color)
-1” or ½” Binder

***Remember that this list is just a suggestion in an effort to help students with organizations***