Message from Principal Charles Tadduni 11/26/18

Message from Principal Charles Tadduni 11/26/18
Posted on 11/26/2018
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Well,  a quarter of school has flown by already and so much has happened; Our Unity Breakfast, guest speakers, Community Share Day, guided recesses with Wild Earth and our upcoming concerts and Winter Olympics to name a few.


Students, parents, guardians and community members, please know we are committed to the success of your child in a climate that promotes safety, equity and inclusiveness. Our team of highly trained professionals continues to seek out best practices in their respective fields to best service your child’s academic needs and support their social and emotional growth.  Our vision of a School of Excellence is at the forefront of all that we do.


You and your child can find out homework information by dialing 687-2400 and then your child’s teacher’s extension. The extension was mailed home in September. If you have not received one please call extension 4705. Also, if you have not already done so, please do not forget to sign up to Parent Portal by calling the same extension. Parent Portal allows you to view your child’s current grade, see if they have missing assignments and to view when upcoming assignments are due. This is a great tool and gives you the most up to date information, per class, on your child’s progress.


The iPads are excellent learning tools. Over the last few years your child’s teachers have been in workshops learning to improve their technology skills so that they can make your child’s education engaging and stimulating, while incorporating  21st Century Skills your child will need for both the workforce and higher education.


In these trying times we will be implementing Mindfulness practices both in classrooms and individually to help support and promote thoughtful communication, good choices and sound reasoning. There is much research that supports the utilization of Mindful practices and individual well-being.


We are also looking to promote the good things that your child is doing outside of the classroom as well. Please let us know any awards or special achievements your child has received/achieved so we may share those out with our school community.


We ask that you continue to inquire from your child about their homework and how they are spending their free time. Please stay in contact with your child’s teachers and school counselor. We encourage you to have a set time and quiet location for your child to do their homework, as well as setting a time when your child turns in all electronic devices to YOU. Research shows that not much good is going on after 9 PM in cyberspace and that many students are up past midnight responding to texts, on social media sights or surfing the web. Ipads, cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices are better left in your room for the night. We need your child well rested for the academic rigors of junior high school.


Students, teachers, parents, guardians, counselors, administrators and other support staff working in partnership,  is the single most important factor in your child’s success. Please do not hesitate to call me if there is anything you feel needs my attention. I am honored to be working with your child.


Go Gander Nation!


Charles Tadduni


Rondout Valley Junior High School