NYS Testing

New York State Testing
Posted on 04/05/2018
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Rondout Valley Junior High
P.O. Box 9
   Accord, NY 12404


April 2018

Dear Parent and Guardians,

Next week begin the annual New York State tests for students in Grades 3-8, which will be conducted on the following dates: 










4th and 8th


April 11 – April 13

April 10 – April 17

May 1 – May 3

June 4


This year’s assessments include new changes as well as continuing the changes incorporated last year.

  • Tests are reduced from three days to two days – This change allows students to spend less time taking test and have more instructional time in the classroom.
  • Shorter, untimed tests: Your child will have unlimited time to complete their state tests.
  • Greater involvement of NYS classroom teachers in the test development process
  • Students’ score on these assessments will not be included in teacher evaluation scores
  • Students with a reading accommodation as documented on his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan can have the test read to them

What are the benefits?

For Students

For the District/School

  • One of multiple measures that principals and teachers use to best meet students’ needs
  • Serve as a source of data used to provide students targeted instruction
  • Help determine appropriate intervention and enrichment
  • Improve instruction by identifying standards on which large number of students demonstrate success or the need for growth
  • Provide a means of comparison with other districts in the region and the State


While we recognize the important benefits of taking the assessments, we do recognize that some families will continue to have their children not participate in these assessments. We respect a parent’s prerogative with regard to this issue, but we remind parents that all children should attend school for the entirety of the day. Questions and/or concerns regarding the state assessments should first be brought to the building principal.                                                         


Charles Tadduni